There’s a spiritual race for the hearts of the world.

Do you want to impact the global growth of Christianity?

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More than 25,000 students worldwide have been impacted by our courses.

With your help, we’re transforming lives by teaching in the areas of:

Bible Study
Business & Finance
Christian Living
Community Building
Bible Survey
Church Development
Spiritual Disciplines
Bible Doctrine

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“TEN is a blessing. It's a life-changing program.”

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"After the training, I know it's my responsibility to go out and teach the gospel."

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"People come and learn about different topics from the Bible in a very practical way."

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"I realized if you don't forgive, you have a wound in your heart."

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Bruce Wilkinson has provided Biblical training to millions of people across the globe.

Bruce Wilkinson founded Teach Every Nation (TEN) in 2013 as the culmination of four decades of 'best practices' learned from his teaching, training, and international leadership and ministry. TEN exists to grow Christianity in every nation as quickly and as effectively as possible.

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