TEN Global: USA

Innovative Training. Unlimited Impact.

Dramatic Shift

Over 60% of the world’s 2 billion Christians are now located in Africa, Asia, and South and Central America—the Global South—a dramatic shift from the Global North and West. By 2050 75% of 3 billion Christians worldwide will live in Global South regions.

Significant Void

Studies show that a vast majority of pastors in Global South countries have never had any theological training. Pastoral and church leadership is not keeping pace with the influx of people into the Church, and there is a vast lack of basic Bible knowledge about foundational Christian principles.

Amazing Opportunity

Formal theological education is not feasible for most pastors and leaders in the Global South because of limited finances, strict entrance criteria, and difficult imported curriculum. TEN’s transformational training program helps churches double membership, plant new churches, and disciple new believers.