Equipping pastors and leaders to impact their Nations.


“ten has changed my life & has helped me impact other people’s lives.”

Current Impact

Current Impact

40+ countries

5,000+ training sites

420,000+ students

Vision for the Future

  • Global Growth

Our strategy is to equip massive numbers of disciples where they are most needed in the world. And it's working!

The vast majority of 2 billion Christians worldwide are now located in Africa, Asia, and South and Central America – the Global South. This astonishing growth created an immediate need for Biblical training to equip pastors and leaders in those regions. Since its founding in 2013, TEN has delivered training courses to 420,000 pastors and leaders in more than 40 countries at 5,000+ TEN Training Centers and has provided in-depth "live" training at the TEN Campus in South Africa for more than 2,500 pastors and leaders. Your support allows TEN to continue equipping disciples at this exponential rate.

Experience the Impact

  • Dismas S.


    I thank God for TEN, it has really transformed my life and the lives of many people through me. I have a dream to raise leaders of integrity in my nation. Leaders who have been impacted by the word of God, to make a difference in the spiritual lives of the entire nation. I was able to plant 35 churches in one year after attending the TEN course How to Multiply Your Church. I want to encourage you to be part of this, your life will never be the same again.

  • Mr. Leon C.

    South Africa

    I’ve done eleven courses! I have grown immensely over the period of time, because of these very relevant subjects as they all have practical yet comprehensive solutions to ministry in general. Many of the pastors that I have been in touch with are also growing much, especially in the townships. This system is a wonderful example of how pastors of various denominations can co-operate with evangelism in their areas where they live. Keep it UP! Thank you!

  • Okechukwu N.


    What attracted me to TEN is the easiness in which I can plant a (Bible) school in many areas that cannot be reached by normal seminaries. TEN helped me to make a difference in my community by drawing the people closer to God through the teachings of TEN. What makes TEN courses different from others is the simplicity of the presentation. They are so simplified that even if you are not educated you can have access to it.

  • Marlene C.

    South Africa

    Greetings in Jesus Name. TEN has and still is enriching my life. I understand the Bible so much better and through the Holy Spirit and TEN my life has changed from being just a Christian, to having a true relationship with my God and Father. Through TEN I can also now speak to lost souls to come to Christ.

  • Eric A.


    I believe TEN has come to fill a void in Africa in the Body of Christ. With TEN the real teaching of the Word of God is coming back. And we need that because we cannot do the (Lord’s) work without the Word.

  • Cynthia H.


    (TEN) courses are very practical so that when you leave you can actually implement them the next day. I went to Bible college for three years but they didn’t teach how to double your church or that you can actually run your church as a business, so How to Double Your Church really helped me to change my mind-set. (The course) that was very practical for me to use in the church was How to Forgive Other People and Yourself - we could see (people) changing, their faces, their expressions, they were saying “I feel lighter inside.”

  • André A.

    South Africa

    TEN meets such a great need in my life. The courses are absolutely on target and necessary. It restores my faith in Christian organizations because of the integrity, humility, and the desire to please God that I see in the (TEN) staff as well as the partnership... Well done TEN, well done! I am happy to be part of TEN and unashamedly promote with confidence the efforts of TEN.

  • Thatho M.


    Having been given the opportunity to lead one of TEN (Training Sites), I have dramatically grown in my ability to be a communicator, and the Great Commission has become more practical to carry out as the material facilitates the learning process. Also I am aware of a greater unity developing in my local church as our members have had opportunity to attend courses and invite people to the (training) site.

  • Rwomushana K.


    My favorite (TEN) course is Anyone Can Become a Great Communicator. If you cannot communicate you cannot attract people, and if you cannot attract people you cannot bring people to where the Lord wants them to be. That is why I want to be a great communicator. And that is a blessing to me and to the rest of the people that will hear me communicate.

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