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Impressive Turnout at BSOW Meeting in Kolhapur, India

Jun 21, 2024

Our Teach Every Nation (TEN) Ambassador from the West Indian state of Maharashtra conducted a successful Bible School on Wheels (BSOW) meeting. The event, displaying TEN BSOW courses, saw an impressive turnout of 85 pastors and leaders from various churches in Kolhapur, a city with a limited number of churches.

So far, eight attendees have purchased the full BSOW Leaders’ Kits, and many have registered as Deans. Our team is committed to conducting follow-up activities to encourage more Deans to participate and purchase the Kits, ensuring the growth and impact of the program in this region.

This is encouraging to hear the groundwork being done for a great harvest.

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Kyla Brits
Author: Kyla Brits

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