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Empowering Russian-Speaking Leaders: A New Chapter with Teach Every Nation

Jun 15, 2024

Teach Every Nation (TEN) is thrilled to announce a significant step forward in our mission to fulfill the Great Commission. We’ve partnered with new Ambassadors and Deans from numerous Russian-speaking countries, all dedicated to spreading the transformative teachings of the Bible.

Over 100 pastors were trained in Belarus, and more than 50 leaders from nine countries gathered for training in Armenia. The enthusiasm among attendees was undeniable. The availability of our materials in Russian has sparked a wave of excitement and eagerness to implement the Bible School on Wheels (BSOW) courses in their communities.

We are already receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback on the BSOW materials, with numerous requests for additional resources. This growing demand is a testament to the impact these teachings are having on leaders and their congregations. We look forward to seeing the fruit of these efforts.

For more information on the BSOW courses click here.

Kyla Brits
Author: Kyla Brits

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