What would it be like if the miraculous was normal for you?

From Bruce Wilkinson and Teach Every Nation comes one of the most life-changing Bible Studies you will ever take part in, You Were Born For This! In this dynamic new 8-session, Bible-based video curriculum, Bruce Wilkinson will teach you how to escape the ordinary and volunteer for a divine mission. He explores from Scripture how you were born to fulfill missions and reveals how God has already equipped you with the skills
necessary to complete those missions. You will discover how God is present and active in our daily lives. From His throne room in Heaven, God sends His Holy Spirit to challenge you and open your eyes to specific needs all around you. Then He wants to send you as His agent to one  person, and then another, and then another, to miraculously participate in meeting those needs. When God knocks on your door, what do you do? In his creative, story-driven, highly-motivating style, Bruce will show you how you can learn the “protocol of heaven” to “open the door” and see miracles in such universally-significant arenas as finances, relationships, purpose and spiritual growth.

You Were Born For This! Informative. Motivating. Life-changing. You will never be the same.

Session One: Enlightenment: God Sends Angels on Missions (40:55)
Session Two: Enlightenment: God Sends People on Missions (43:10)
Session Three: Enlightenment: You Were Born to be Sent on Missions (43:30)
Session Four: Enlightenment: You Can Volunteer for a Divine Mission (44:00)
Session Five: The 5 Operations of Mission Central (37:30)
Session Six: The 4 Participants in Every Mission (40:05)
Session Seven: The 5 Signals in Every Mission (38:35)
Session Eight: The 5 Steps in Every Mission (42:45)
You Were Born For This Highlights (36:10)

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