Discover How God is Shaping your life for His Glory

We all face troubling circumstances and difficult periods in our lives. If you’ve ever wondered why you need to go through these difficult times, or wished you knew what God was doing in your life, be encouraged;

You are not alone and there are answers to your questions.

Based on his New York Times bestselling book, Secrets of the Vine, Dr Bruce Wilkinson shows us what Jesus wanted us to see when He pulled back the veil between Heaven and Earth. In this rare moment of Jesus’ life and teachings, He revealed the stunning secrets of what His Father, God, was doing in the lives of His children.

Building on the concepts from his book, Dr Wilkinson developed this new video course to help you identify where you are on your spiritual journey and understand the unique process God uses to accomplish His purpose in your life.

Through the eight teaching sessions this course will help you:

  • Identify where you are in your spiritual journey.
  • Discover why you are on the path you are on.
  • Find the relief that can only come by understanding that the Lord’s discipline is actually a mark of sonship.
  • Gain insight into the pain and pleasure of the carefully pruned life.

Besides giving answers to pressing questions, this course will motivate you to connect with God on a deeper level. You will learn how God is glorified by you bearing MORE and MUCH fruit. In short, you will grow to pursue God and be on a joy-filled pathway of miraculous answers to prayer.

Experience the peace and rest living for Gods glory, by giving up to try harder and understanding and believing Jesus’ words when he said: “apart from Me you can do nothing”.

So, if you want to abide more deeply and find the answer to the question: What on Earth Is God Doing in My Life? you need to get this powerful DVD course from Bruce Wilkinson and Teach Every Nation.

The course material, including the DVDs and Workbooks, is available from our Regional Partners. Please contact them for more information and pricing.


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