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Teach Every Nation (TEN) is a global Christian education program that trains pastors and church leaders to disciple and grow the Christian church in the Global South. TEN works with experienced and locally engaged partner organisations to deliver courses that meet the expressed needs of the people we serve.

Nearly two-thirds of 2 billion Christians worldwide are now located in Africa, Asia and South and Central America—the Global South—a dramatic shift from the Global North and West. By 2050 75% of 3 billion Christians worldwide will live in Global South regions.

Studies show that a vast majority of pastors in Global South countries have never had any theological training. Pastoral and church leadership is not keeping pace with the influx of people into the Church, and there is a vast lack of basic Bible knowledge about foundational Christian principles.

This astonishing growth has created an immediate need for Biblical training to equip these pastors. Formal theological education is not feasible for most pastors and leaders in the Global South because of limited finances, strict entrance criteria and difficult imported curriculum. TEN’s transformational training program helps churches double membership, plant new churches and disciple new believers.

Experienced leadership

International ministry leader and award-winning author Dr. Bruce Wilkinson is the founder and President of TEN. Drawing on his innovative and illuminating teaching experience, extensive international discipleship leadership and vision to impact the church worldwide, Dr. Wilkinson conceived TEN as the culmination of four decades of proven ministry and training ‘best practices’. The wider TEN team and partners are inspired by and in awe of what God is doing around the world, and acknowledge the incredible shift of the church from the West to the Global South and East.

The Church in the Global South is uniquely positioned as an essential part of fulfilling the calling to take the gospel to ALL nations.

TEN is committed to compliment the local church, denominations and other ministries to accomplish unprecedented Great Commission goals – to God’s Glory alone!

People we serve

Teach Every Nation (TEN) meets the educational needs of untrained pastors and church leaders in the Global South so that they are equipped to disciple and strengthen the surging Christian population in their regions. Many are unable to access formal theological education because of limited finances, lack of transportation, and time constraints. TEN’s curriculum is based on our students’ expressed needs for specific skills and subject matter expertise. Training delivery methods keep students and pastors resident in their community.

Deans and students

A person who hosts or facilitates a TEN course is called a Dean. Students attend a TEN course hosted by a Dean. Anybody can be a Dean.

Transformational curriculum

We bring culturally relevant and affordable training to the pastor, while maintaining high educational standards with credit-worthy content presented by world-class teachers and trainers. TEN embraces that in the Global South, many people learn through storytelling and other oral strategies. We use oral and visual training methods, instead of relying on Western written methods, so leaders can effectively communicate with their oral audiences.

Community impact

Strategic to fulfilling the Great Commission is the training of millions of pastors who cannot access or afford in any great numbers the structures of traditional western training institutions. Sustainable personal, community, and national life change happens when the Bible is accepted as the truth for life, is taught God’s way, and its multiplication principle is obeyed to teach faithful teachers who will teach and train others to repeat the process. Christ is to be Lord over all things. TEN seeks to provide pastors with training to become effective transformational agents and teachers in the domains present in every society: Family, Education, Government, Law, Sports, Arts and Entertainment, Media, and Business.

A vision for global change

TEN has substantial outreach goals given the vast need for Biblically based training in the Global South. Launched in 2013 with 5,934 students in 7 Southern African countries, TEN plans to provide training across more than 50 Global South nations in Africa and Asia, to tens of thousands of untrained pastors and church leaders by 2017 and beyond. TEN equips these leaders to effectively grow and shepherd their local churches for worldwide impact.