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A Student Evaluation Form is the way you let Teach Every Nation (TEN) know that you have successfully completed a TEN course.

Your honest feedback on a Student Evaluation Form:

Earns you TEN credit towards your next TEN certificate.
Gives TEN with valuable feedback on how you experienced the course.
Enables TEN to continue to improve the training content.
Provides TEN with your contact details to send updates.

Students are requested to submit their completed Student Evaluation Form directly to Teach Every Nation themselves. Only if a student is not able to do so to can they request their Dean to submit with any of these methods on their behalf, or via the reginal partner. Students can submit their completed Student Evaluation Forms in any of the following ways:

  • Send an email to help@teacheverynation.org along with a scan or photo of the form.
  • WhatsApp to +27-73-923-2922 a photo of the form.
  • Complete the form online – this option is coming soon
  • If none of the above are possible, then hand the form to your Dean for submission.