Find release from the prison of your heart

One of the most revolutionary courses ever produced has to do with something hidden away in your heart, that affects you in ways that you never would have dreamed possible. In How to Forgive Other People and Yourself, you will discover what Jesus taught when He pulled back the division between Earth and Heaven and revealed what happens when someone hurts you, and when you have a wound in your heart and choose not to forgive. Bruce Wilkinson will teach you how to forgive other people in such a way that you will never have to forgive them again. If you follow the five secrets Jesus Christ gave about forgiveness, you just need to forgive them once – and it is gone.

The last part of this breakout teaching deals with a shocking revelation about when you hurt yourself. Perhaps you did something to yourself –
or you did something to somebody else that you can not seem to forgive yourself for. You will discover the steps to forgiving yourself and being
released from your torturers. If you are interested in a revelation that can really change your life and you are ready to be released from the prison of unforgiveness, come learn How to Forgive Other People and Yourself.

Session 1 – Unforgiveness Delivers You to the Torturers. (46:05)
Session 2 – Five Requirements for Lasting Forgiveness. (43:35)
Session 3 – What Happens to You When You Don’t Forgive Others? (37:55)
Session 4 – Steps to Follow to Forgive Other People. (39:40)
Session 5 – God Commits to Handle Vengeance for You. (46:30)
Session 6 – How Can God Forgive Anyone for Everything? (59:35)
Session 7 – What Happens When You Don’t Forgive Yourself? (28:45)
Session 8 – Steps to Follow to Forgive Yourself. (43:15)

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