The Key to Motivate and Cultivate New Leaders

Ever wondered what your legacy will be?

In this thought-provoking 8-session course, Coach Tom Mullins shares his years of practical experience to help you grow as a leader and teaches the principles that will help you establish a legacy that will impact generations to come!

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He leads you thru the path of introspection to find your true potential and shares the tools with step by step instructions while captivating you with stories from his life experiences and how you too can succeed as a great leader.

Session 1: Grandfather’s Wisdom
Session 2: Transformational Leadership
Session 3: Creating Growth Environments
Session 4: Building and Growing a Winning Team
Session 5: The Power of Celebration
Session 6: Empowering your team
Session 7: Leading in Crisis
Session 8: The Favor of God
Course Materials: Poster | Ads | Flyer | Promo Video | Preview of TEN Courses & Promo Materials

But the buck does not stop there… Knowing that you will not be at the front end of your business forever, Tom shares with you how to find the next generation of leaders. How to motivate them to step up to the plate and evolve into the best leaders they can be, and then how to leave your legacy and hand over the baton so they too can finish the race.

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