Move from What You Are to What You Are Destined To Be.

Have you ever seen a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis? One moment a caterpillar hangs upside down from a limb, and the next moment a beautiful butterfly emerges. This transformation is one of God’s most amazing miracles. Christians go through a metamorphosis, as well. God takes each of us as sinners and, through the blood of Jesus Christ, transforms us into something beautiful and extraordinary. Become a Transformed Woman, by author and teacher Darlene Wilkinson, is based on Romans 12:2a, And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. You will learn how to deal with worry from God’s perspective, how to endure and overcome obstacles, and discover how to break free from sin. Using stories of Biblical women who endured and overcame many challenges, you will be renewed in your hope for  transformation. You will not only grow in your relationship to Christ, but become His emissary to a suffering world. God has uniquely blessed women with the gifts and talents they need to bring hope-filled transformation into their lives and the lives of those they connect with every day. And you can learn how to do that in this dynamic new series, Become a Transformed Woman.

Darlene Wilkinson brings us the course “Become a Transformed Woman” in 8 sessions lasting approximately 30 to 35 minutes each.

Section 1 (two sessions) – Release the Weights that Entangle – Reveal and release the weights that entangle us.
Section 2 (two sessions) – Repent of the Sin that Ensnares – Reveal and release ensnaring sins.
Section 3 (two sessions) – Run the Race with Endurance – Reveal the need to run with endurance and run the race!
Section 4 (two sessions) – Reflect on Jesus for Encouragement – Reveal the need to look to Jesus and reflect on Jesus for encouragement.

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