Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime…

Have you ever wondered why some people manage to succeed time after time, while others always seem to fail? Communication is often the key.

From Bruce Wilkinson and Teach Every Nation comes a highly educational and entertaining new 8-session Bible-based video course that will teach you tried-and-true skills to gain confidence and mastery in the area of communication.

Prepare to learn some mind-blowing Maxims and Methods about how learning takes place and what matters most in ensuring that your message is well received. Discover how great communicators use their body
language, their voice, their gestures, and their eyes to greatly enhance communication.

Session 1: Learner Intro, Mindset, Model
Session 2: Learner Maxims
Session 3: Learner Method, Mastery, Maximizers, Memory
Session 4: Style Intro, Principles
Session 5: Style: Body Language, Behaviors
Session 6: Expectation Intro, Mindset, Model
Session 7: Expectation Maxims
Session 8: Expectation Method, Mastery, Maximizers, Memory
Course Material: Poster | Ads | Flyer | Promo Video | Previews of TEN Courses & Promo Materials

Anyone Can Become a Great Communicator: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime — regardless of subject, personality, or situation. So join us — and stir up an excitement in your listeners that causes them to want to hear and learn.

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