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Teach Every Nation (TEN)

Teach Every Nation (TEN) is a global Christian education program that trains pastors and church leaders to disciple and grow the Christian church in the Global South.
Innovative Christian education equips Christians to impact their communities. TEN grants in-house certification and encourages students to further their education with partner schools.


A Bible School in your church

Host a small group

Become a student

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TEN courses are focused, culturally relevant and delivered in the format most suitable and affordable for each region. Training materials intentionally include teaching by Global South regional leaders and content based on students’ expressed needs for specific skills and subject matter expertise.

International ministry leader and award-winning author Dr. Bruce Wilkinson is the founder and President of TEN. Drawing on his acclaimed teaching experience and extensive international discipleship, Dr. Wilkinson conceived TEN as the culmination of four decades of proven ministry and training ‘best practices’.

“Nothing is more strategic to fulfilling the Great Commission than the training of millions of pastors who cannot access or afford in any great numbers the structures of traditional western training institutions. TEN is responding to their need for training that is Biblical, practical, accessible and affordable. Join me as we obey Christ and Teach Every Nation!”

- Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, President of TEN

TEN courses cover a diverse range of topics and are always… Biblically based; culturally relevant; personally life changing; consistently practical; ultimately church and community transformational.

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3 ways to get involved right now…

Host your own TEN group – anybody can do it!

Host your own TEN group – anybody can do it!

Flexible DVD teaching format gives you the choice

Innovative course workbooks enhance the learning experience

Host a TEN group anywhere, anytime, any audience.

Facilitate the course in one day, or over weeks.

Train according to YOUR schedule.

Host the same course as many times as you want.

Pastor – a Bible School in your church!

Pastor - a Bible School in your church!

Start or enhance an in-house training school in your local church

Equip your people for impact

Life changing and practical training in a flexible format

Draw leaders, teachers and business people to your church

Be the center of training in your community

Become a TEN Student today!

Become a TEN Student today!

#1 Locate a TEN group (site) near you

#2 Find out about available courses and local student pricing

#3 Register for and attend your selected courses

#4 Submit your completed evaluation for TEN credit after each course

#5 Be equipped to impact your world!

Teach Every Nation… personal training… community impact… eternal significance…

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